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Library Charges
Library charges for the loan of books - from 1st April 2019

These charges will be raised against a member of the Whickham library to whom the following may apply:

Prepaid reservation service (non-refundable):

Books on loan or on order:

Adults:  £0.80p each book
Older people:  £0.55p each book
Young people (under 16):  £0.30p each book

Books on shelves in the other volunteer libraries:

Adults:  £0.30p each book
Older people:  £0.30p each book
Young people (under 16): FREE

Library Entrance
Library charges for the use of computers, printing, copying and FAX from 1st April 2019
1. The use of the library computers:

  • Free of charge - Library membership required

2. Charges for photocopying and computer printouts:

  • A4 black & white - 10p per sheet
  • A4 colour - 50p per sheet
  • A3 black & white - 20p per sheet
  • A3 colour - 90p per sheet

3. Use of the Fax machine:

Outgoing UK:

£1.10 for first A4 sheet and £0.90p for each additional sheet

Outgoing International:

  • Band 1-6:  £1.50 each A4 sheet
  • Band 7-13:  £2.10 each A4 sheet
  • Incoming Fax:  £1.30 each A4 sheet
Library Books
Library Books
Other Charges

1. Overdue Charges

  • Older people: £0.11p  each book each day (maximum £4.60 each book)
  • Young people (under 16):  No charge
  • Adults :  £0.20p each book each day (maxumum £9.25 each book)

2. Loss of Ticket charges:

  • Replacement charge for lost library cards:  £2.30p
  • A charge will be made for lost or damaged items
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