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An Italian Afffair

Book: An Italian Affair
Genre: Historical Romance
Review: Sandra Smith and Alison Richardson

Italy, 1935. Alessandra Durante is grieving the loss of her husband when she discovers she has inherited her ancestral family home, Villa Durante, deep in the Tuscan Hills. The terms of the will are that she must live in the Villa Durante for at least 12 months, so, longing for a new start, she moves to Italy and sets about rebuilding her life.  But the shadow of war hangs heavy over the Tuscan hills, and life will never be the same again.  As Mussolini's power grew tens and Hitler starts to agitate farther north, life changes for everyone in the tiny village of Cortona, and Alessandra makes her home a place of shelter for a local Jewish boy, Davide.  Her daughter, Diana, will lose her heart to Davide, even though they can never be together. And Robert, Alessandra's son, will fight for his country first as a pilot in the Battle of Britain and then as an SOE in Italy.

A new book in our library, Sandra took it home and just could not put it down, strongly recommends you read it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which is the author’s first novel. It is set in England and Italy, before and during WW2. It is the story of one family’s adventures as they get caught up in the war, fighting the Germans both in England and Italy. It is compelling reading as the action jumps between the 2 countries from chapter to chapter and it makes you want to discover what happens next. It is a well researched, well written and thoroughly entertaining book.

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