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After the End

Book: After The End
Genre: Literary Fiction
Reviewed by: Alison Richardson

I read this book, recently published, because I thoroughly enjoyed her first 3 books, which are full of suspense and have an unexpected twist. However, this book is completely different. It is the very touching story of a married couple coming to terms with having a 3 year old that is in intensive care following surgery for a brain tumour. They get to the point where they have to decide whether to withhold treatment or go to America for proton beam therapy. They disagree and end up in court where the decision is made.

However the second half of the story is written in alternating chapters, each describing what happens if either of these decisions is taken as been made.

Although harrowing at times it is ultimately a story of hope and recovery from an unimaginably awful event. If you can bear the heartache it is extremely well written ( it reminds me of the style of Jodi Picoult) and would recommend it.

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